James Lafferty Net Worth, Age, Biography, Parents, Wife (2024)

Biography • Monday, December 26th, 2022 11:48am

James Lafferty Net Worth, Age, Biography, Parents, Wife (1)

James Lafferty Net Worth

What is James Lafferty net worth? The American actor, James Lafferty has an estimated net worth of $5 million USD as of 2022. You can also check out Julienne Hanzelka Kim Net Worth.

Biography: Who is James Lafferty?

James Martin Lafferty is an American actor, director, and producer. His role as Nathan Scott in the adolescent drama television series One Tree Hill made him most famous.

Lafferty had previously appeared as an uncredited extra on television programs like Beverly Hills, 90210, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. When he was eleven years old, he landed his first important acting part in a school play.

Lafferty graduated from Hemet High School in 2003 and enrolled at California State University, Long Beach. While attending Hemet High School, he participated on the basketball team. After being chosen to play Nathan Scott in One Tree Hill, he relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina, when he was eighteen.

NameJames Lafferty
Full NameJames Martin Lafferty
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of Birth25 July 1985
Age37 Years Old
Birth PlaceHemet, California, United States
Currently Live InLos Angeles, California
ProfessionActor, Director and Producer
DebutTV Series:Get Real (1999)
Music Video:Find Me (2016)
Film:Annabelle’s Wish (1997)
Years Active1997 – Present
Famous RoleNathan Scottin the TV SeriesOne Tree Hill (2003 – 2012)
EthnicityIrish and English Descent
HometownHemet, California, United States
Zodiac SignLeo

Age: When is James Lafferty birthday?

The famous actor was born on 25 July 1985 in Hemet, California, United States. Thus, James Lafferty is 37 Years Old as of 2022. He holds an American by nationality and has his belief in the Christian religion.

Parents: Who are James Lafferty parents?

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James Lafferty’s parents' names are Jeffrey and Angie Lafferty. His father owns a local construction company. He has a younger brother, actor Stuart Lafferty.

James Lafferty Wife

Lafferty currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He dated his One Tree Hill co-star Sophia Bush from 2008 to 2009. On September 7, 2020, he engaged to Australian actress Alexandra Park. The couple began dating in 2015 after meeting on the set of The Royals when Lafferty directed several episodes. They got married on May 23, 2022, in Hawaii.

How tall is James Lafferty?

Lafferty is about 6 feet 2 inches in height and his body weight is around 94 kg.

Lafferty Movies

1997Annabelle's WishBuster Holder
2003Boys on the RunJoe Ferguson
2009S. DarkoJustin Sparrow
2011The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American ConspiracyEigson Howard
2013Lost on PurposeFever
2014OculusMichael Dumont
2015Waffle StreetJimmy Adams
2017Small Town CrimeTony Lama

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James Lafferty Net Worth, Age, Biography, Parents, Wife (2024)


Does James Lafferty have a wife? ›

For four years until 2015, he was in a relationship with Irish actress Eve Hewson. He began dating Australian actress Alexandra Park in 2015 after meeting on the set of The Royals, when Lafferty directed several episodes. The couple became engaged on September 7, 2020. They got married on May 23, 2022, in Hawaii.

Are Sophia Bush and James Lafferty still friends? ›

And she's got James, and James and I are friends. It's just a little tight group in Wilmington.” Their fling lasted for just one year and they split by 2009. Lafferty married Alexandra Park in 2022 in Hawaii after four years of dating.

Did Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty ever date? ›

Bethany Joy Lenz says she had "romantic" dreams about James Lafferty while filming "One Tree Hill." She said the pair never got together in real life and that kept the "chemistry alive." Lenz and Lafferty costarred as high-school sweethearts in all nine seasons of "One Tree Hill."

Who is James Lafferty kids? ›

Personal life. James Michael Lafferty is married to Carol Lafferty and has six children - Michael, Morgan, Kristen, John-Patrick, Kenji and Mikayla. Kenji is Lafferty's only adopted child.

Did Dan Lafferty try to marry his daughter? ›

As Under the Banner of Heaven hints, the real Dan Lafferty had sexually assaulted his oldest stepdaughter on multiple occasions, who was the first person that he wanted to take as his second wife. Of course, Matilda was distraught by this proposal, which both she and the LDS Church refused to allow.

How did James Lafferty meet his wife? ›

James Lafferty and Alexandra Park's love story began on a TV set — and they have since played a small screen couple in 2021's Everyone Is Doing Great. The One Tree Hill alum first crossed paths with Park when he directed a 2015 episode of The Royals (which shared a created team with The CW drama).

Did Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton get along? ›

Despite any labels, if one thing is true, it's that Hilarie and Sophia have an epic friendship.

Are Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush still friends? ›

Now, though, both actresses reflect fondly on Nichols and remain good friends with him. “I really have enjoyed knowing Austin all these years at this point because he's a wonderful actor, he's really f---ing fun, he's great at like extracurricular stuff,” Burton Morgan praised. “He's perfect,” Bush added.

Why did Sophia and Chad divorce? ›

Pretty cool." Bush and Murray began dating while starring on One Tree Hill together. The pair got married in 2005, and announced their intention to divorce after five months. It was rumored that Murray cheated on Bush with Paris Hilton while shooting the film House Of Wax.

Did James Lafferty ever date anyone from One Tree Hill? ›

James Lafferty

The Everyone is Doing Great creator briefly dated Bush while filming One Tree Hill. He dated Eve Hewson from 2010 to 2015. One year later, he entered a relationship with actress Alexandra Park after meeting while he was directing The Royals.

Did any of the oth cast date in real life? ›

In real life, things weren't always so magical. Although some of the stars of the 2003 drama chose to date outside the show, others found love on set. When the series first debuted on The WB (later airing on The CW), Sophia Bush began dating costar Chad Michael Murray.

Are Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz friends? ›

Although they weren't always close, Bethany and Hilarie have seemed to be good friends in recent years.

Where is Lafferty family now? ›

Nov. 11, 2019: Ron Lafferty dies of natural causes after spending 34 years on death row, one of the longest-serving condemned inmates in the country. 2022: Dan Lafferty remains in the Utah State Prison, serving a life sentence.

What happened to the father Lafferty? ›

Unlike with Dan, the jury at Ron's trial were in agreement over the punishment he should receive and he was given the death penalty after being found guilty for the murders of Wright Lafferty and her daughter. Ron chose to be executed by firing squad, but he died in prison of natural causes in 2019 at the age of 78.

What does James Lafferty do now? ›

He is currently (2019) in production on his latest project, the independent television series Everyone is Doing Great.

Are James Lafferty and Alexandra Park married? ›

Alexandra Park is royally lucky in love. After all, when it comes to The Royals alum's life with husband James Lafferty—whom she married in 2022 after seven years together—it's only getting better and better.

Did anyone on One Tree Hill date in real life? ›

The characters on One Tree Hill were in countless love triangles, went on romantic excursions and even got married in high school. In real life, things weren't always so magical. Although some of the stars of the 2003 drama chose to date outside the show, others found love on set.

What is James Lafferty doing now? ›

He is currently (2019) in production on his latest project, the independent television series Everyone is Doing Great.

Who is Alexandra Park married to? ›

Personal life. Before getting the role of Princess Eleanor in The Royals Park was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which she discussed in her book Sugar High. In May 2022 she married fiancé James Lafferty in Hawaii.

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