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Welcome to Wilson Forestry

What is my timber worth?

How can I sell my timber and get the job done the way I want it?

How can I avoid the many technical and legal problems that can arise during a timber sale?

How do I deal with Timber Theft on my property?

Are you looking for the Right Answers to your Forestry Questions?

How can I improve recreational opportunities on my property?

Do any of these questions concern you?  If yes, then Wilson Forestry can help.  As consulting foresters, Wilson Forestry represents YOU.  Our Foresters are certified, experienced and knowledgeable.  We strive to get you the best price possible for your timber.  We can also help or advise you in the areas of wildlife management and urban forestry.  We are conveniently located in south eastern Kentucky.

Wilson Forestry is your solution!

Wilson Forestry provides services  to assist you with
 Timber Sales
 Timber Sale administration
 Land Management
 Timber Valuation and Appraisal
 Timber Trespass Investigation and Expert Witness Testimony

With over 20 years of experience in the forests of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, Wilson Forestry will put the benefits of experience and professional judgment at your fingertips.